RB Orchids are breathtaking decor for the home and workspace.

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RB Orchids are breathtaking decor for the home and workspace. They are not only beautiful and easy-to-grow. They are also produced with the most innovative orchid-growing technologies available today. That includes our modern weather controlled greenhouse, one of its first kind in sri lanka.

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RB Orchid is one of the leading phalaenopsis orchid grower in Sri Lanka. With the latest technology, we grow the best quality orchids throughout the year.

We are the only company that can handle any amount of order within a given time period and makes continues supply. That’s what makes us special from others

Unless other growers, RB orchid grow phalaenopsis specifically and that makes us professionals of growing them.

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Premium Orchid

premium orchids never go out of style. Total height come at 40cm to 60cm and they make a striking addition to any decor and bloom for months.

LKR 1990/=
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Mini Orchid

The small 15cm – 30cm stature of our mini orchid makes it an ideal size for party favors, gifts or table decorations. They are easy to care for like their taller counterparts but require less water.

LKR 1900/=
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waterfall rb orchid

Waterfall Orchid

Featuring a cascade of blooms, our waterfall orchid adds an exotic flair to any space. And they’re just as easy to care for as our other varieties.

LKR 2200/=
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Orchid Planter

Make your display twice as nice with our double-orchid planter. It’s the statement piece for your kitchen or dining room table. Available in premium (30cm – 60cm) or mini (15cm – 30cm) sizes.

Premium - LKR 5500/=
Mini - LKR 5000/=
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Matured Phalaenopsis

See how it grow with your love and care. Matured phalaenopsis plants in 1.7 and 2.5 inch pot.

LKR 450/=
LKR 650/=
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If you long for indoor greenery but haven't succeeded with houseplants, consider succulents. They are easy-to-please house-guests and survive indoor conditions with minimal effort.

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Cacti are typically desert-dwelling plants that thrive in dry and hot conditions, but these plants also make excellent indoor houseplants.

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Decorative Pots

Select your decorative pot for your plant from our wide range of pot collection.

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Watering a RB orchid is soo easy. All you need is one cup of water once a week for a full-size phalaenopsis orchid. Our independent research has […]

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Quality over any other facts!!! amazing colors attractive eye-catching beautiful plants, specifically pot plants were in good quality, your plants gave a brand new fresh look to my home and office, many thanks keep up the good quality work which attracted me to RB Orchid.hoping to keep in touch in future business endorsements. Good luck
Bushra Ameer

Bushra Ameer

Former Administration Executive Quantum Consumer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

RB Orchid gave a refreshing look to my dull looking office in a jiffy, I had no idea, what a plant can do to a place until I purchased few plants from RB Orchid, now I recommend all my colleagues and friends to have plants & flowers in their offices to see the difference. I started loving plants.. thanks for making my office a better place RB Orchid.

Nuwan Perera

Technician at Mercedes Benz

This is a really mind help product, as well as human-friendly one.most of people, have been run on a busy way, no one has a time to think of mind free things in between the duties and responsibilities. It is difficult to change the patterns but I think that, using these orchid plants maybe change the busy, uneasy lifestyle patterns. specifically this treats our mind through our eyes...

T.G.Maneka Gamage


Flowers are good quality and colorfull. I choose RB orchid for my pre school Because this brand is the best for phalaenopsis orchid. Thanks for giving a elegant look to our nursery & May your business flourish like a flower.

Harshani Rajakaruna

Owner of Sachithiro Preschool

I love phalaenopsis orchids. But I was always afraid of them thinking they were too hard to care for. I was wrong. treat yourself, it will add beauty to home and make you smile every time u look at them



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