RB Orchid

RB Orchids are breathtaking decor for the home and workspace. They are not only beautiful and easy-to-grow. They are also produced with the most innovative orchid-growing technologies available today. That includes our modern weather-controlled greenhouse, one of its first kind in sri lanka.

Our History

Our story begun in 2017, as a pilot project to discover new ways of growing indoor plants with the latest technology in a cost-effective manner and bring the culture of indoor plants to Sri Lanka. With the experience, in 2018 RB Orchid registered as a plant importing and growing company. Since then we have grown thousands of indoor plants to meet our customers needs and aspects.


A natural plant on every desk and in every home


To be a part of people’s lives by offering a wide range of indoor plants with high quality, innovation and at affordable prices

Why RB Orchid ?

RB Orchid is one of the leading phalaenopsis orchid grower in Sri Lanka. With the latest technology, we grow the best quality orchids throughout the year.

We are the only company that can handle any amount of order within a given time period and makes continues supply. That’s what makes us special from others

Unless other growers, RB orchid grow phalaenopsis specifically and that makes us professionals of growing them.

Trusted by over 1,000 local clients. Try RB Orchids today!

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