Basic Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis orchids are a hugely popular houseplant in all around the world, and for very good reasons. Their flowers are stunning and they grow really well in indoor climates. Many people assume that such a delicate and beautiful plant must be hard to care for.

In fact, the opposite is true. Phalaenopsis orchids are really easy to care for.
Here is a summary of phalaenopsis orchid care for beginners. Follow these basic tips, and you are well on the way to providing good phalaenopsis orchid care.

  • Place your orchid in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight
  • Water the orchid infrequently, being guided by the plant, rather than watering on a schedule. Many more orchids die from over-watering than under-watering.
  • Only water the roots. Keep the flowers and leaves dry
  • Use a well-draining pot and growing media and never let your orchid sit in water for more than a few minutes.
  • Keep the orchid after it has flowered. They are easy to care for in the vegetative stage and will flower many times if treated well.
  • Use a water-soluble fertilizer. Fertilize every 1-2 weeks, but not during the flowering phase. A good strategy is to use a weak fertilizer solution on a weekly basis, rather than using a stronger solution less often.

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