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Premium Orchid

premium orchids never go out of style. Total height come at 40cm to 60cm and they make a striking addition to any decor and bloom for months.

LKR 1990/=
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Mini Orchid

The small 15cm – 30cm stature of our mini orchid makes it an ideal size for party favors, gifts or table decorations. They are easy to care for like their taller counterparts but require less water.

LKR 1900/=
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waterfall rb orchid

Waterfall Orchid

Featuring a cascade of blooms, our waterfall orchid adds an exotic flair to any space. And they’re just as easy to care for as our other varieties.

LKR 2200/=
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Orchid Planter

Make your display twice as nice with our double-orchid planter. It’s the statement piece for your kitchen or dining room table. Available in premium (30cm – 60cm) or mini (15cm – 30cm) sizes.

Premium - LKR 5500/=
Mini - LKR 5000/=
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Matured Phalaenopsis

See how it grow with your love and care. Matured phalaenopsis plants in 1.7 and 2.5 inch pot.

LKR 450/=
LKR 650/=
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If you long for indoor greenery but haven't succeeded with houseplants, consider succulents. They are easy-to-please house-guests and survive indoor conditions with minimal effort.

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Cacti are typically desert-dwelling plants that thrive in dry and hot conditions, but these plants also make excellent indoor houseplants.

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Decorative Pots

Select your decorative pot for your plant from our wide range of pot collection.

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