Why Indoor Plants?

We love and care a lot about our home as much as our beloved ones. Everyone’s dream is to have a nice and elegant house with a beautiful garden. Plants act major role to fulfill that. So that we grow lots of plants in our outdoor garden.

But what about the indoor environment where we live. we have ignored it from the beginning. Only Furniture, electronics & other artificial things won’t give what we need in our home. All we need in our home is beauty, simplicity and mental relaxation.

Now it’s time for you to understand the value of the indoor plant which can enhance your indoor environment.

Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, Reduce stress level and boost your mood, making them perfect for not just your home but your workspace too.

Phalaenopsis is one of the leaders among houseplants and the most popular of all orchids. The elegant plant with its rich blossoms is available in countless color variations.

Phalaenopsis tolerates smaller maintenance errors and is therefore also suitable for beginners. If taken care of properly it will impress you with its breathtaking flowerage for many weeks of the year.

Introducing RB Orchid. Our Phalaenopsis orchid grows with latest technology under supervision of world’s leading orchid growers. Because all we want is to offer you a better quality product which is rich in beautiful blooms. A simple thing can turn your house into a home

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